Following the latest world trends related to interior and exterior area, large format granite tiles are conquering the market.

The company Top Ceramics is providing a diverse offer not only in terms of the granite tiles textures, but as well in the choice of dimensions and thickness of large formats.


In our offer of granite ceramics of large formats, we offer granite tiles with following dimensions:

  • 150 x 300

  • 120 x 360

  • 100 x 300

  • 160 x 320

  • 120 x 278

  • 120 x 260

  • 120 x 240

  • 160 x 160

  • 120 x 120

We are providing the thickness of large format granite ceramics from 3.5 mm to 2.0 mm, in order to have versatile applications and to be widely usable in various fields.The application of this kind of granite ceramics is wide and diverse.

In interiors, it is used for covering floors and walls, but as well for making furniture, kitchen elements, sinks, etc.

In the exterior, it could be used for cladding facades, terraces, courtyards, and the area around the pool.

Large granite ceramic formats are visually enlarging small spaces and in more spacious ones, it is emphasizing the impression of being impressive and luxurious.

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